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About Ecoscape With Melanie

Would you love to beautify your personal space with plants or be gardening as a hobby, but don’t know where to begin?

Perhaps you would like to be gardening with your children, attracting birds & butterflies, raising your own flowers for fresh and dried arrangements, or growing your own herbs.
Ecological landscaping - Gardening - TherapyPlants benefit us in so many ways.  They instantly beautify our environment, and connect us with the natural world.  Nature can help us find our way to better health and happiness. Gardening is therapeutic and restorative.  Just being present in a garden or out in nature may immediately help us to feel more calm, at peace, and rejuvenated.

If you would like to start growing plants, beautifying your space, or gardening with your kids, I can help you get started!

Hi!  I’m Melanie.  Welcome, and thanks for visiting!  Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by ecology and the incredible beauty of our world.  I am amazed at the power of nature and its ability to sustain so much life on this planet.  Every day I am deeply grateful for all that nature provides.

I studied Horticulture Nursery Management in college, and spent five years growing and selling ornamental landscaping plants at a small nursery in Escalon, California.  Currently, I’m a Certified Green Gardener in San Joaquin County California.

As a Certified Green Gardener, I’m committed to the following Green Gardening Principles:

  • Landscape Locally
  • Nurture the Soil
  • Less to the Landfill
  • Reduce Water Use / Prevent Run-off
  • Right Plant / Right Place / Prune Right
  • Protect and Support Wildlife

Through this blog, I share ideas to help people beautify with plants, get started gardening, and to take a more ecologically friendly approach to landscaping and garden care. 

It doesn’t take a major renovation to create a space that is beautiful and nurturing, but it does take some planning.  Planning is essential to growing a beautiful garden that can thrive for years to come.  At the heart of planning is the plant list.  When it comes to plant selection, my strength is in beautifying with low-water, easy care plants that support birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects in California Central Valley Gardens.

On this blog, you will find articles to help in planning small garden projects such as replanting the entryway flower beds, starting a container garden, special projects for kids, or choosing plants for an indoor space. 

My intention is to help people enjoy more fulfillment and abundance in their lives through the beautiful gifts that nature provides.

Let’s connect!


As a reader of Ecoscape With Melanie, you’ll be provided with…

Ecological/Sustainable - Landscaping - Gardening - Container Gardening

  • Tips on planning for sustainability, low maintenance, and supporting wildlife.
  • Plant inspiration to help you find the right plants for your needs.
  • Helpful tools and resources to make your gardening experience easier and more fun.
  • Suggestions for determining when to DIY your project (or parts of it), and when to hire a professional.
  • Ideas for beautifying and getting more enjoyment from your outdoor space by making less expensive changes when a major renovation is not desired.
  • Project ideas for growing plants with kids or as a hobby for yourself.

Fun Facts About Melanie!

I’m a country farm girl at heart, and my personal gardening style is very much on the wild side!  I favor the informal style of cottage gardens, hedgerows, and native landscapes.  I especially love volunteer seedlings, and look forward each season to seeing what has appeared in the garden completely on its own.

Everywhere I go, I’m looking at yards and neglected spaces envisioning ideas for beautifying the space with plants that could support wildlife, provide food for people, or create a natural wonderland for a child.

I often dream about my garden consulting projects.

Speaking of dreams…there are many foods I love, but no longer eat, and I often dream about them!

I love nature, but I don’t like camping.  I’m a road-trip girl!

My favorite part of working out is being done!

I have to keep my checkbook register reconciled to the penny, or it drives me nuts.  Yes I still use one!  LOL  🙂

I wish I would have discovered dancing earlier in life!

I love to do puzzles, and almost always have one going.

Ecological/Sustainable - Landscaping - Wildlife - GardeningWhenever someone asks me how to keep deer out of their garden, I think to myself, “Oh how I would love to live where I could see deer everyday”!

Simple things make me very happy.

I used to eat ice cream every night after dinner, and I still want to!

When I eat cookies, I want about six or eight, not one or two!  “Hello, my name is Melanie, and I’m a Carb-o-holic”.  Actually, as part of a program I follow for migraine prevention, I rarely eat cookies or sweet snacks anymore.

My family gets a laugh out of the fact that I always carry a lunch box full of food and water, but they are always happy to see what’s in it when they’re hungry.  🙂

My favorite definition of success:  Being happy with what I already have while working on doing more.

Let’s Connect!

Ecological/Sustainable - Landscaping - Gardening - Melanie - Garrity - About PageNow that you know a little about me, I’d be happy to learn more about you.  Feel free to send me an email to introduce yourself.  I’d love to hear about your plant related dreams and ideas!

Take care and enjoy,


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