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Are you considering a new landscape installation or re-design?  Whether you are planning to DIY or hire a pro to complete all or part of the project, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to get a good idea of what you want.


When people ask me where to get ideas for plants to use in their yards, my favorite resource to suggest is one of the Water Smart Gardening Websites created by a company called Garden Soft. There are over 50 Water Smart Gardening Websites created for various regions of the Western United States. See the Water Smart Gardening Websites here:


Garden Soft created the professional plant database and online plant presentation program that I use called Plant Master. The Water Smart Gardening Websites are a free resource available to the public. The websites assist with plant selection, provide amazing examples of beautiful landscapes, as well as links to many excellent resources for irrigation and garden planning.

The reason the Water Smart Gardening Websites are one of my most recommended plant selection resources is because they are so easy to use, and they provide many of the same plants, photos, and features I use in the professional program that I pay for.


As a user of a Water Smart Gardening Website, you can browse photos of real life landscapes organized by category such as Front Yards, Back Yards, Lawn Alternatives, Low-maintenance Landscapes, CA Native Gardens, Parking Strips, Water Features, and many more!


Photos of plants are also organized by categories such as Plants That Attract Butterflies, Ornamental Grasses, Unusual Foliage, etc.  The plant database is searchable by common or botanical plant name and has a guided search feature to help you choose plants to meet your interests or specific growing conditions of your yard.  As you search, you can save plants you like and create your own printable plant list.

If you’re planning a new landscape project, be sure to check out this fabulous resource for design inspiration, planning tips, and irrigation resources.  Click here to access the Water Smart Gardening Websites:

Slow down, take care, and enjoy!









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