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On-site Garden Consultation $75

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in working with Ecoscape With Melanie.

Primarily I provide consultations to share ideas for beautifying an existing landscape by adding new plants.  An existing landscape is one that already has the hardscape features in place. Hardscape refers to constructed features of a landscape such as planting beds, sidewalks, patios, etc.  I also enjoy helping people to get started gardening or to progress in their gardening efforts.

My expertise is in beautifying with plants that support birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects in California San Joaquin Valley gardens (generally USDA Zone 9, Sunset Zone 14).  Located in Ripon, California.

During our visit, we’ll walk through your yard and talk about what you would like to add or change. I’ll share my ideas for beautifying the space, and provide some specific plants for you to consider.

If you would like to get started gardening or growing plants as a hobby, we’ll explore ways for doing that and identify which methods might be the best fit for you and your particular space.


A consultation appointment may be used for either the front yard or back yard only, but not both in the same visit.  The consultation appointment will be scheduled for two hours, however, it may not go that long.

In order to be well-prepared for our visit, a telephone conversation will be scheduled prior to the consultation appointment.  This call usually takes less than fifteen minutes.

Consultation Includes:

  • Plant Selection for Two Planting Beds – Depending on the size of your yard, we may not be able to choose plant options for the entire yard.  I will commit to helping you choose plants for two planting beds.  If we have time, we will do more.
  • Plant Lists – For each planting bed we work on, I will provide you with a list of plants to consider which will include botanical and common plant names, as well as size and quantities needed of each variety.
  • Plant Profiles Report – Digital File of plant names, descriptions, photos, and plant care information for each plant selected.
  • Resource List – Resources to assist you with your project including local sources for plants, plant care products, and bulk landscaping materials such as mulch and decorative rock.
  • Referral List – List of reputable landscape professionals who can assist you with planting, irrigation, or maintaining your garden if you don’t wish to do the work yourself.

Need a Drawing for Reference?

Measure and draw your own planting beds (to scale) on paper prior to the consultation appointment, and I will help you place your selected plants into your drawing during our visit.  Please include in your drawing any existing plants, boulders, garden art, etc. that you wish to keep.  The placement of these items must be represented accurately on the drawing.  It doesn’t have to be exact to the inch.  Being off by less than 6 inches probably won’t be a problem, but more than a foot could be.  Please do not include any plants or other items you intend to remove or replace.  Please draw your sketch using the scale of 1/4″=1′, and use one sheet of paper per planting bed.  Number your planting beds so that you can identify them.  You may want to make a few photo copies of each planting bed drawing (without any new plants added yet).  That way you can explore possibilities with various combinations of plants without having to re-draw your entire sketch.

Additional Services Available

Ready to explore possibilities for beautifying your outdoor space?

Email me to schedule our pre-consultation telephone call or ask any questions.

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